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Everyone has a story to tell: Uncle George and Bay of Dreams in Waianae

Uncle George Uncle George

Waianae, HI  (HAWAII NEWS NOW)  A man from Waianae is trying to get people who get caught up in the routines of life away from the hardships and out onto the water and up on a board, so they can take a break from their daily challenges.

Everyone calls him; Uncle George.

And through "word of mouth" and Facebook, all of the strangers you see here, have received stand up paddle board lessons from Uncle George at no cost, in Waianae in what he calls "Bay of Dreams."  Once you get a lesson, you become part of the Bay of Dreams ohana.

"I met Uncle George through another friend who I guess met Uncle George through another friend," said John Leomo of Aiea. 

"Our goal in stand up is to try to keep the board as flat as possible," said Uncle George, while giving a lesson.

"I heard about Uncle George through Facebook,"  said Mark Dung, of Pukalani, Maui.

"And I will slowly, but surely, crawl back to the middle of the board, and proceed to get back to my feet," said Uncle George, while giving a lesson.

"I know Uncle George, through a fellow paddling sister," said Julee Nishimura. "Uncle George inspires me to dream."

"Building dreams one stroke at a time, that is what I do, I get people on the board and make them realize I can get them to do what they thought they couldn't do and start the process of getting them to dream again," said Uncle George.

Three years ago, Uncle George's doctor told him that he had no choice but to make changes to his life, so his own dreams could become a reality. Growing up in Waianae, he always loved being on the ocean, but the every day busy tasks of life took him away from there.  But during a church picnic, it brought him back to Pokai Bay.

"The doctor said this, first of all, what did you do?," said Uncle George while sharing his story. "I said I started paddle boarding, I started doing exercise on the water, I started catching waves, I started acting like I was young again."

After Uncle George lost 30 pounds from paddling, his blood pressure went down and his diabetes disappeared. Even with a full time job, he desires to share his renewed passion of being on the water every moment he is away from being in the office.

"We all have a story, this is what this is all about people with stories to tell, and I am so curious to find out people's story and the hopes I can find out their challenges and because of my Christian faith, my hope is to pray for them," said Uncle George.

"It is my first time, stand up paddle board. Being a local and not knowing how to, he came with the tools so I can get out on my first run," said Dung.

Uncle George started with two boards, but after people heard about his mission, those boards multiplied to 24. Now he can give free lessons to bigger groups and families from not only, all over Hawaii, but all over the globe, in exchange for a sticker of where they're from that he places on his trailer.

"Obviously Duke Kahanamoku was the original Aloha ambassador, and what George is doing out here by spreading his love for SUP and sharing it with anybody and everybody, unconditionally, it is just a neat thing," said Sean Sweet of Diamond Head. "He is kind of like a modern Aloha ambassador."

To this date, Uncle George has given more than 3000 men and women off all ages free lessons. He says his mission is to help people from across the world to feel welcome in his hometown of Waianae.

"Come to Waianae meet the people and spend some time with them and realize we are just like any place else," said Uncle George.

To learn about Bay of Dreams and how to get connected with Uncle George, you can check out his "Bay of Dreams" page on Facebook.


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