Helping Hands: Yvette and Molokai of Waipahu

Helping Hands: Yvette and Molokai of Waipahu
Yvette and Molokai Keohuloa
Yvette and Molokai Keohuloa
Yvette and her friend Liane Uegawa
Yvette and her friend Liane Uegawa
Grandma Koko
Grandma Koko

Waipahu, HI (HELPING HANDS - HAWAII NEWS NOW) Family time is important to Yvette and her son Molokai.

"(I) make sure I can spend time with her, all the time that I can," said Molokai Keohuloa, Yvette's son.

"Give me a high five!" Yvette exclaimed, as she was showing Molokai how to cut potatoes.

The Waipahu single mom of five and grandmother of three has to face challenges every day.

"This one is the youngest sister in our family, she is 19 with a twin brother who is in this picture," said Molokai.

Molokai is there for her as best as this eleven year old knows how to be there for his mom who is deaf.

"My mom has inspired me throughout her life with being deaf," said Molokai.

And when this mother, is not being a mom at home, she is an educational aid for the deaf and hard of hearing at Pearl City High School.

She's made friends of a lifetime through being an aid, and they are special friends who try to be there for each other through the hard times.

"If I am in trouble, I would call her," said Yvette Keohuloa about her close friend Liane Uegawa.

But this year is even more difficult, because Yvette lost someone near and dear to her who she said would always make the holidays warm and bright.

"This year was really hard for me, because my mother passed away," said Yvette.

With Yvette's every day hurdles and facing hard economic times, she wants to give her kids the type of Christmas her own mom would provide for her.

"The more I think about her, the more it made me want to do something for my family," said Yvette.

The grandkids would call her Grandma KoKo.

"My favorite memory would be, whenever we would go to her house and she was kind of like old fashion, and she would celebrate the 12 days of Christmas,"  said Molokai.

Yvette doesn't get food stamps, and she tries to work as much as she can to provide for her children.

"It doesn't really matter of who or how you are, just as long as you can accept yourself the way you are," said Molokai, referring to his mother about being deaf and also a loving and caring mom.

Yvette and her kids are just asking for gift cards and a special holiday dinner, so they can all enjoy quality time together as an ohana.

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