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Makakilo man shares thanksgiving with life savers

Randy Stevens Randy Stevens
Shirley Ann Cazinha Shirley Ann Cazinha
Bryan Marciel Bryan Marciel
Kaipo Hayashida Kaipo Hayashida
MAKAKILO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A Makakilo man who almost died this month enjoyed the ultimate Thanksgiving today.

The father of three got a rare chance to thank the people who brought him back to life.

Two weeks ago, Randy Stevens received what he calls a huge wake up call -- a heart attack that left put him on the verge of death.

"I've always been a really outgoing person ... very physical and kind felt invincible. But now this a huge awakening," Stevens said.

EMS officials say Stevens had no pulse and was not breathing. Shirley Ann Cazinha and Kaipo Hayashida shocked him six times with a defibrillator when he came back to life.

"Then I saw his mouth move. He was trying to talk. This just doesn't happen," said Cazinha.
"And I moved his mask away and he said: 'What happened?' I said holy smokes! holy smokes! He's talking. He's talking."

EMS workers say early CPR efforts by his girlfriend and neighbor helped save Steven's life.

"I kind of freaked out but being in a profession of EMS, I needed to get it together and just did what I was taught," said girlfriend Lisa Wright, who works part-time as an emergency services worker.

Neighbor Bryan Marciel, a state sheriff, has years of CPR training. But he says it was a surreal experience to apply that training to a close friend.

"You don't really think about it ... That this is my friend, my neighbor," Marciel said.

"The training kicked in and I just did what I was trained to do."

Added City EMT worker Kaipo Hayashida: "CPR off the bat is a life saver. That's pretty much what saved his life."

Stevens and Wright say that two of their daughters have CPR training and the couple is now urging more people to do the same.

It's a gift that saved Steven's life, allowing him to enjoy this Thanksgiving and many more to come.


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