Shoppers ready to tackle crowds and deals on Black Friday

Shoppers ready to tackle crowds and deals on Black Friday

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dozens of shoppers are camping out at various stores on Oahu waiting to cash in on those Black Friday specials.

Haunani Lee-Vincent is first in line at the Toys R Us at Pearlridge. She got there at midnight and says waiting in line about 20 hours is well worth it because last time she saved $1,500. She not alone others are lining up behind her as well.

However shoppers say there are far fewer people camping out and waiting in line this year. It might be because the deals aren't as good but also because the stores open earlier at 8:00 this year.

Over at Best Buy in Iwilei shoppers have been there three days. They specifically want a 40 inch Toshiba TV on sale for $180. Shoppers say it's not just about saving money but the feeling they get as well.

"It's like a personal, it's like a high for me I guess to shop like this." "What do you mean, it gives you a rush?" asked the reporter. "Yes it gives me adrenaline because you work your way up through the whole year and you get this and this and this for the kids and it's like oh yea and when you see their face they are so happy," said Lee Vincent. "I want to be first because when you first walk in the door you're like, gasp, it's all yours, and you can run in and get whatever you want."

"When I show up to work my teachers are like you're crazy. Hey its cool, I'm young you have to enjoy it while I can," said Michael Ulep, Best Buy Shopper and 6th Grade Teacher.

"It's actually more of an experience. You get to hang out with friends, play some board games just hang out with each other," said Jesse Wong, Best Buy shopper.

Over at Target in Salt Lake shoppers sat in the rain to keep their place in line. Even before it started pouring there were only five people in line by 3:00, which was much fewer than last year.

"What do you say to the people who might say that's crazy to camp out for 3 days for a TV?" "I don't know, if people can camp out for the latest Apple devices why can't you camp out for good deals," said Ulep.

"This is the first black Friday camp out I've done. I've done other campouts but it's been midnight releases for video games," said Chris Tom, Best Buy shopper.

As for missing Thanksgiving dinner at home, one man told me his family is crazy so camping out gets him out of the house and saves him money in the process.

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