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Black Friday shoppers camp out at ArkLaTex Best Buys


Shoppers in the ArkLaTex are already out at areas Best Buy stores looking to get the most for their money.

A couple of Black Friday shoppers were already camped out at Shreveport's Best Buy by early Thanksgiving afternoon.

The lines were longer at the store's Bossier City location, where several have set up camp in advance of the midnight opening. They've busied themselves with poring over the coupons and sales papers while they wait.

Some of the shoppers waiting at the Best Buy in Texarkana, Texas say they've been there since 10:30 Tuesday morning. To make the wait as pleasant as possible, some brought cooking equipment along with their camping gear.

They say the savings makes the hassle and the waiting all worthwhile.

"We wanted a TV, that is the only time I can afford one," says Paula Billings.

Julie Jeffus says she needs a new laptop, "The grandson spilled some juice on mine and fried it."

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