EXCLUSIVE: Makakilo family pleads for return of stolen items

EXCLUSIVE: Makakilo family pleads for return of stolen items
Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller

MAKAKILO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "This window was about this big, so it was a very small space to get into," Shannon Miller said, holding her hands about a foot apart.

The window leads to a bedroom in their Makakilo home. It was the entry point for a thief Tuesday.

When she got home she saw broken glass and felt fear.

"Right away I told my kids, 'Go to the neighbors!' I didn't know if the person could still be inside the house," she said.

The burglar took a computer, cameras, and a hard drive with years worth of photographs of the Miller's kids.

"All of my children's photos were on that hard drive," she said. "To be able to get that back would be wonderful."

The thief stole from their closets. cabinets and dressers. Items handed down from Shannon's grandmother were lifted. The tiny bag that held her kids' baby teeth is gone. Her pillow cases were probably used to cart everything away.

"Things are missing. Your valuables are missing, Sentimental things are missing," she said.

The most valuable item that was stolen doesn't have a dollar value. A teal colored box with a teddy bear on it sat on a shelf. It was for the Miller's first child who died the day he was born.

"The only pictures I ever had of him was inside that box, as well as his little skull hat, and his little arm band, and my arm band when I gave birth to him. His little baby blanket that we still put on him when he was born was inside that box. That means nothing to anyone else other than to me and my husband," she said, fighting back tears.

Shannon said the criminal fled through the back door. She checked the neighborhood and dug through dumpsters and garbage cans for anything that was tossed. She found a computer cable and small carry bag. But not her son's box. She prays the thief finds it in their heart to return it. That would ease the hurt.

"Oh, yes. Absolutely. That box back. And no question's asked," she said.

The Millers have lived in their home for years and never had a problem like this. Now they feel victimized and violated.

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