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Exclusive: Not so fast! UH concert fraud suspect still in custody

A North Carolina man indicted for fraud in the Stevie Wonder blunder who a judge said could be released  from federal custody Tuesday will have to remain behind bars until Thursday because of another fraud case.

The federal judge in Charlotte, N.C., released Marc Hubbard, 44, on $100,000 of unsecured bond, meaning he did not have to put up any cash or assets to secure his bail. Hubbard had been held at the Mecklenburg County Jail in North Carolina since he was indicted Nov. 8.

But authorities in Spartanburg, South Carolina, put what's called a "detainer" on Hubbard, keeping him in jail until they can travel to the North Carolina facility and place a monitoring device on him for a separate fraud case.  The South Carolina Attorney General's office charged him late last month with forgery and securities fraud in a case in which Hubbard is accused of bilking investors out of $70,000 for a series of Alicia Keys concerts that never materialized.

Hubbard is expected to be released from the North Carolina facility Thursday, wearing two monitoring devices, one from the state of South Carolina and the other from the feds, according to a spokeswoman for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office.

In the Hawaii case, federal prosecutors had asked the judge to continue to remain behind bars and be transported to Hawaii by U.S. marshals. Instead, he will travel to Hawaii on his own.

The judge ordered Hubbard to surrender his passport and to remain on home detention, at his house in Mecklenburg, N.C., with an ankle bracelet.  The judge restricted his travel to South Carolina, the western portion of North Carolina and Hawaii. 

His arraignment in Hawaii has been scheduled for Nov. 23, an FBI spokesman said.

A federal indictment said Hubbard pocketed $120,000 of the $200,000 deposit the University of Hawaii sent to secure a bogus Stevie Wonder Concert.  Another man, 44-year-old Sean Barriero, of Miami, was also indicted for lesser charges and is cooperating with federal prosecutors in the case.

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