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Dog euthanized after being shot in Leeward Oahu

Photo Source: K9 Kokua Photo Source: K9 Kokua
Honolulu police officer comforts the wounded dog Honolulu police officer comforts the wounded dog
WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

An early morning shooting infuriates a community.  The gun was fired in a neighborhood in Waianae.  No people were hurt.  The target was a dog.

The images are tough to see.  They show ‘Champ' a 25 pound terrier mix lying on the ground bleeding.   He was shot at nearly point blank range with what is believed to be a 22 caliber handgun right in front of Kalia Novajosky's house on Makona Street in Waianae.

"I heard a pack," said Kalia Novajosky.

She had pet the dogs before going inside.  Moments later she heard the gunshot.

"I got to the front door and I tried to look both ways to see if I could see anybody or something and I didn't," said Kalia Novajosky, witness. "It wasn't like a vicious stray dog. He had a collar on. He was with another dog and they were really friendly. To shoot a dog that has a collar you know they are somebody's friend. It's just really disturbing."

She called police.  An officer comforted and stayed by the dog's side.  Witnesses were also moved by the other dog who tried to help as well.

"The other dog that was with it was licking the wound, and trying to make sure the other dog was comfortable and we were really overcome by what the other dog was doing," said Maimun Yusuf, neighbor.  "It was really sad. You can see how the other dog loved the other dog so much."

"To kill something, it's not even on their property it's outside their property whoever did it I guess it irritated them and for whatever reason they shot it," said Yusuf.  "It's very dangerous. We have some little kids that usually play around too."

Police called the animal organization K9 Kokua which took the dog to the Animal House Veterinary Center in Ewa Beach.  X-rays showed the dog already had a BB in its ribcage from a previous shooting.  The bullet from today's shooting was still lodged in Champ's spine.  He was paralyzed, suffering and ultimately euthanized.

"It makes me angry, makes me ashamed to be a human being sometimes. We can't get along, we can't share the Earth, we can't be kind to animals that don't have a voice it just doesn't make sense to me. It's senseless," said Carol Pohina, K9 Kokua Volunteer. "It's very disturbing to know that a human being can do that to an animal. It's very disturbing to know that somebody has a gun and is going around shooting dogs."

"Any animal abuse is horrific but for a dog to have been shot and left there is horrific," said Kristin Davidson, K9 Kokua Volunteer.

"I don't understand the mentality of injuring an animal in the first place, but to injure it and leave it suffering is tragic," said Chris Alejo, Animal House Veterinary Center.

It's also criminal.  Honolulu Police have opened reckless endangerment and animal cruelty cases.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is also investigating.  There is a $2,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest and conviction.

"It's scary to know this person is still at large and if anyone did notice anything they should report it. It's for the sake of the community as well as to know they are accountable for their actions," said Alejo.

The other dog was returned to her owner.

To report a tip contact the Hawaiian Humane Society call 808-356-2250 or contact them via their website by clicking here.

You can also report an anonymous tip to the Honolulu Police Department by clicking here.

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