Local Connection: Election on Rail

By: Panos Prevedouros

Rail is not a path to prosperity for Honolulu.

Rail is not needed for development. Development needs solid business planning and strong demand. How can Oahu prosper when prime agricultural land is turned into sprawled homes and fake farms?

It is bad policy to build rail in order to provide jobs. Rail will increase the transit portion of the city budget from 11% to 19%. This is the path to bankruptcy, not to prosperity.

Rail increases our need for imported fuels and it increases our need for imported equipment and parts.

Rail will dismantle the No.1 bus system in the nation. 24 bus routes will be terminated at the nearest train station or eliminated altogether.

Rail will carry very few additional riders than TheBus already does. Freeways and highways will have similar or worse congestion with rail. Congestion chokes our economy.

Fake expectations will provide fake results.

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