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Box jellyfish invade South facing beaches

Be careful of box jellyfish on the South Shore... lifeguards have reported that they are popping up and causing trouble for swimmers where there was a Box Jellyfish Advisory this morning.

The transparent creatures that are one to three inches tall with tentacles reaching up to one to two feet are surfacing on our South facing beaches. Lifeguards say they usually follow a pattern 7 to 11 days after a full moon… when they are reported to invade our beaches. These stinging creatures usually stick around for two to four days. Ocean Safety Division is reporting that they counted 10 box jelly fish and a dozen people were stung yesterday in Waikiki.

Students from U-H were out early this morning collecting the jellies for research and students who were too busy collecting data to talk, said they collected more than 200 early this morning before sunrise, when the box jelly fish are recorded in the past to come out in numbers. Waikiki and other leeward beaches like Hanauma Bay, Ala Moana Beach Park and even sometimes the oceans off the Waianae coast have seen these clear plastic bag-looking sea-creatures after the full moon cycle.

If you spot jelly fish or hear of swimmers being stung, lifeguards say it is best just to stay out of the water because the jelly fish are difficult to spot while swimming in the ocean due to being clear.  They also say you should take the warning signs that are placed on the beaches seriously and to make sure to check out the Hawaii Beach safety website for alerts. (Hawaii Beach Safety Website) At least one good news, the lethal type, called the Sea Wasp, that are infamous to invade and sting in Australia are not floating the waters of the Aloha State.  But boy do the stings of the box jelly fish here hurt.  After this full moon cycle… we can see them resurface after the November 28th moon.


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