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Puppies abandoned in a dumpster

Seven little, two-week old puppies were found just tossed away like garbage. Seven little, two-week old puppies were found just tossed away like garbage.
Abbey Bingham Abbey Bingham
Jacque LeBlanc Jacque LeBlanc
Quan Nguyen Quan Nguyen
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Experts say abandoned animals are a growing problem in Hawaii. Just last week, a half dozen newborn pups were thrown in a dumpster and left to die. Shelters across the state are inundated right now, and they're seeing more and more puppies being left behind.

The Oahu SPCA nicknamed an armful of adorable Chihuahua-Pitbull pups "The Chipmunks" - with monikers like Alvin, Simon, and Theo. A passerby found the puppies - crying in a dumpster at Campbell Industrial Park.

"Someone called - a frantic woman saying that they found an empty dog food bag containing puppies," says Abbey Bingham, Executive Director of Oahu SPCA. "They could see movement in the bag, and she felt empowered to look and there they were - 7 little, two-week old puppies - just tossed away like garbage."

The SPCA found them foster homes - as the dogs rehabilitate and get readied for adoption. Bingham says there's no reason animals should ever be dumped. Shelters will take them - no questions asked.

"It's inexcusable because, if they're in a shelter, you know that their safety is the #1 priority, and they have a chance of being adopted and not suffering," says Bingham.

A few days after The Chipmunks arrived, the Maui Humane Society called. Over a three-day period, they received 50 puppies. They were maxed out and hoped the SPCA could take them in. Then, two more puppies arrived from Waipahu. Shelters across Hawaii are seeing a growing number of abandoned puppies.

"It used to be that, at the Humane Society, getting puppies in was a special occasion. Nowadays, we have puppies almost every day of the week," explains Jacque LeBlanc of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

LeBlanc lists the reasons: accidental litters, owners unfamiliar with reduced sterilization rates, and more dog owners on Oahu breeding for profit.

"We did our own research, and in the past six months, over 2,500 puppies are available for sale on the internet - at a projected revenue of $2.3 million. That's a huge amount of money and a huge number of puppies flooding our communities.

Quan Nguyen heard about the abandoned puppies and knew he had to save some dog's life. "It's just messed up how people can just throw away an animal like that. It's nothing to them."

Now, the first-time dog owner just needs to think of a name for his new best friend.

Abandoning an animal is unlawful - punishable by up to a year in prison and a thousand dollar fine. They're still searching for whoever left those seven puppies in a dumpster. Those puppies, by the way, will be ready for adoption in two weeks.

For more information on the state's "Neuter Now" program – sponsored by the Hawaiian Humane Society, log onto http://www.hawaiianhumane.org.


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