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Caldwell wins Honolulu mayor's race

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Former Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell defeated ex. Gov. Ben Cayetano in the hotly contested Honolulu mayoral race.

Caldwell received 52.9 percent of the vote (or 155,664 votes) in the fourth printout of the night. Cayetano had 45.2 percent of the vote (or 133,154 votes).

Caldwell pledged to work on many of the city's looming problems, such as its aging sewers and infrastructure. He also said he will continue to back the city's rail transit system.

"I recognize that this is a very divisive election and some healing has to happen," Caldwell said.

"You have my total commitment ... my total commitment to work very hard everyday, 24-seven."

Cayetano remained defiant in conceding, saying pro-rail interests spent an unprecedented $3 million in negative advertising to defeat him.

"This election ushers in a new era in Hawaii politics," said Cayetano, who opposed the $5.3 billion rail system.

"When you put big money, big money into this and one side is unaccountable and can spread lies and falsehoods, it can the affect the balance of the election system."

The mayoral vote results echo a Hawaii News Now poll in October that gave Caldwell an 11 percentage-point lead.

Earlier in the day, Caldwell expressed confidence that he would prevail in today's vote.

"I feel that the momentum for the past month and for the past two weeks has really picked up. Everywhere I go, people are coming up shaking my hands when I wave," said Caldwell, as he voted at Noelani Elementary School this morning.

"They give me the V-sign, the thumbs up, the shaka."

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