Some Hawaii voters frustrated by redistricting

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With just hours remaining until the polls close in Hawaii for the 2012 general election, there have been no reports of major issues at any of the state's 233 voting precincts as local residents cast their ballots.

Several voters have reported lengthy waits and long lines at a number of precincts, but the issues did not appear to be as problematic as those in places like Florida and the East Coast states that were crippled by Hurricane Sandy.

"It was pretty smooth. I'm surprised there's not more electronic booths here, there's only one booth inside. Everything else is paper," said Troy Crites who voted at Ilima Intermediate School.

State elections spokesman Rex Quidilla says that the only voting issue today has been people who have gone to wrong polling places because of redistricting, which takes place every ten years. Quidilla reminds people who have yet to vote to look up their polling place before leaving.

There are reports of redistricting problems at the Ewa Beach polling locations causing voters to wait in lines only to discover they may be at the wrong poll.

There are 233 polling places across the state, nine fewer than in the last election in 2010. About one third of the voters statewide have been assigned a different polling place this year because political districts have been redrawn, a process that takes place every ten years.

The first printout released this evening will primarily consist of most absentee mail-in and absentee walk-in voting, which ended on Saturday. The second report should have about 40 percent of the count from the polling places.

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