NYC marathoners donate unused hotel rooms to Sandy victims

An organization called Race 2 Recover NYC has created a website that allows runners from the now-canceled New York City Marathon to donate their unused hotel rooms to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The homepage of the group's website reads: "We can't undo the tragedy that's befallen the New York City area in the past week, but we're here to help find the good amongst the rubble. Marathoners donate their hotel rooms. Sandy's displaced victims get a place to stay. We all win."

With thousands still win the dark in New York, the room donations give those without electricity, heat or hot water a safe place to stay until power is restored.

"It occurred to me that the marathon could go on but we could also do some good by helping connect those who were not going to make it to NYC and would therefore have unused hotel rooms with those who are currently displaced, or without heat and power," said Conley Downing, Race 2 Recover NYC organizer. "We just saw an opportunity to do good and did it."

The organization's website can be found here.

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