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Drive a truck? You might be a Republican. Compact? A Democrat

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(RNN) - What you drive to the polls on Tuesday might give an indication of who you'll vote for once you get there.

According to a survey by, 29 percent of respondents who identified themselves as Republican or conservative drove a truck.

Other popular cars among the GOP include SUV's (20 percent) and midsize to large sedans (slightly less than 20 percent).

Those who identified themselves as Democrat or liberal reported driving economy or compact cars (27 percent).

But for those Democrats who drove gas-saving economy cars, almost as many drove gas guzzlers. In all, 18 percent of self-identified liberals drove SUV's or crossovers, proving the two parties can at least agree on one thing.

"This explains why the SUV/Crossover segment has grown so much over the past 12 years. This segment has successfully crossed party lines and brought the two groups together - far more successfully than the many politicians who claim to have that skill set," said Karl Brauer, editor-in-chief of Total Car Score.

In the end, what you drive may be less about your politics than making a personal statement - hybrids came in last place for Democrats and second to last place for Republicans.

Vans ranked dead last among the GOP.

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