Everyone Has a Story: Hoku Ching

Everyone Has a Story: Hoku Ching

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Laughter is a welcome distraction from what's usually on 34 year old Hoku Ching's mind. Earlier this year, Hoku found a lump on his neck and was diagnosed with cancer.

It was about the same time he and his wife Morgan should have been celebrating. Morgan gave birth on January 26th to their daughter Payton. A week later, Hoku got the results from a biopsy that he did indeed have cancer.

Since then it's been non-stop. Medication, chemotherapy, radiation treatment. Through it all, Morgan and the kids have kept Hoku going. But even during some of the happiest times, he can't help but think, how long will he will be around.

Hoku's dealt with pain, exhaustion and nausea but one of the most frustration struggles is the financial strain. Hoku's friends came together and offered to help him out. He replied, no. But as time went on, his friends persisted. Initially they pulled their cash together and collected about $400. They petitioned Zippy's to let them sell chili tickets and turned that $400 into $4,000. Then they used that money to put on a benefit event with donations and gifts and raised more than $40,000. Hoku was blown away.

There's still uncertainty in Hoku's life. He's done with radiation and now it's a waiting game. On November 9th, he'll get another cat scan and a few days later he'll find out if the treatment has worked. Hoku stays strong and says he won't give up. He says, no matter what happens, he promises to come out of this a better father and husband.

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