Tsunami warning remains in effect; Watch live with Hawaii News Now

A tsunami warning issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center remains in effect for the state of Hawaii hours after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake rocked an island off Canada's west coast. Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has made an emergency proclamation mobilizing extra safety measures.

According to Gerard Fryer of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the largest wave seen so far tonight is 5 feet, from the top of one wave to the bottom of the next, which was measured in Kahului.

The following is data from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center detailing tsunami wave activity:

 GAUGE LOCATION        LAT   LON    TIME        AMPL         PER
 -------------------  ----- ------  -----  ---------------  -----
 WAIANAE HI           21.4N 158.2W  0855Z   0.16M /  0.6FT  06MIN
 HALEIWA HI           21.6N 158.1W  0844Z   0.43M /  1.4FT  10MIN
 HANALEI HI           22.2N 159.5W  0843Z   0.17M /  0.6FT  22MIN
 MAKAPU`U HI          21.3N 157.7W  0849Z   0.41M /  1.3FT  08MIN
 HILO HAWAII          19.7N 155.1W  0834Z   0.21M /  0.7FT  44MIN
 DART 46410           57.6N 143.8W  0428Z   0.03M /  0.1FT  32MIN
 DART 46409           55.3N 148.5W  0444Z   0.02M /  0.1FT  38MIN
 DART 46403           52.7N 156.9W  0528Z   0.02M /  0.1FT  26MIN
 DART 46402           51.1N 164.0W  0609Z   0.02M /  0.1FT  24MIN
 DART 46404           45.9N 128.8W  0423Z   0.05M /  0.1FT  30MIN
 DART 46407           42.6N 128.9W  0456Z   0.07M /  0.2FT  28MIN
 SITKA AK             57.1N 135.3W  0542Z   0.09M /  0.3FT  30MIN
 CRESCENT CITY CA     41.7N 124.2W  0736Z   0.42M /  1.4FT  24MIN
 DART 46419           48.8N 129.6W  0344Z   0.07M /  0.2FT  20MIN
 ARENA COVE CA        38.9N 123.7W  0633Z   0.32M /  1.1FT  06MIN
 WINTER HARBOUR BC    50.5N 128.0W  0413Z   0.23M /  0.8FT  30MIN
 LANGARA POINT BC     54.2N 133.1W  0424Z   0.20M /  0.7FT  26MIN
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