(HONOLULU) - Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives, partnering with SpookyKine Investigations and Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society, invites the public to experience Spookilau!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Hawaiian Mission Houses

Admission for children under five are free; Children 6-12 yrs. old is $6 and people over the age of 13 is $10.

Guests will be able to explore the science behind paranormal research and listen to the experiences of real ghost hunters. They can also participate in a small investigation of their own in the two oldest still-standing houses in all Hawai`i Nei by using scientific equipment, such as EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) detectors and digital audio recorders to explore the 1821 Mission House and the 1831 Chamberlain.

Guests will have a chance to take a downtown ghost tour with experienced investigators and hear strange, inexplicable stories. Before you go home, have a family face-painting experience or have your own "Zombie Portrait" drawn.

Guests, during the downtown ghost tour, will learn about the history behind the burial places of victims of the smallpox epidemic of 1853, the hauntings at the Kaka`ako Fire Station, a documented case of a Royal Salute from the heavens, and much more! For example, when Ka Mo`i William Charles Lunalilo's mausoleum was built, his body and casket were moved from the Royal Mausoleum, Mauna `Ala, on the night of November 23, 1875.

King Kalakaua refused the request of Lunalilo's father for a royal salute as the casket and body were moved. As the hearse was going from Mauna `Ala to Kawaiaha`o Church, spectators heard a loud thunderclap, some even said they heard 21 distinct thunderclaps. It was said that the salute that men refused to provide for Ka Mo`i was provided by Heaven.

Families are welcomed to picnic on our grounds prior to the tours. There will also be local food vendors, keiki face painting and much more. There is something for everyone at our Spookilau event, we hope to see you there.

To reserve your spot, click HERE or call Mike Smola at 808-447-447-3914 or Lisa Solomine at 447-3926.

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