Mayor gets ticketed for using cellphone

Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi
Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - It appears that even for Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi old habits die hard.

The mayor signed a bill into law in 2009 banning handheld cellphones while driving. At the time, he acknowledged that people will have to learn to change their behavior, including himself.

West Hawaii Today says Honolulu police cited Kenoi on Sept. 20 for operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile device. Court records show that he was fined $269 for that charge and failing to produce his driver's license or insurance card.

Kenoi says he usually uses a hands-free device in his own car but was driving a rental. He says his driver's license was in his bag and could not be produced right away.

Kenoi says his fine is paid, lesson learned.

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