Tonight at 10: Gifted Hawaii boy, 5, moves to mainland for special school

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The parents of a Kalama Valley kindergartner said they reluctantly sold their house and are moving to the East Coast to enroll their gifted son in a special school.

Spend a few minutes with Robbie Bond, who just turned five September 11, and you'll soon discover he's no ordinary kid.

When a reporter asked Robbie what subjects he is interested in learning more about, he answered, "I'm interested in chemistry. I had my own chemistry set and I made a snowball. I mean I make potions.  I'm gonna make lots of more potions when we sell the house."

Robbie's parents fault the state for not offering enough support for extraordinarily talented students in Hawaii public schools.  And they say private schools here can't offer him the guidance he needs, either.

Tonight at 10 on Hawaii News Now, see an extended story about Robbie and hear what the Department of Education is doing for gifted and talented children.

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