Kids Voting Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Students K-12 statewide practiced democracy online, via Kids Voting Hawaii.

Kids Voting Hawaii invites you to go to the website, enter your precinct and district numbers, use the 'demo' password, and experience this civic education opportunity during the Practice Voting period which ends October 19th.

Students K-3 have five student issues to consider, while students 3-12 have 15 issues. School Principals have been asked to select a KVH School Level Ambassador to download and distribute the Kids Voting Hawaii Student Passwords. Students are now exploring the candidates, previewing the ballot, and discussing the issues at school and at home in preparation for the Official Kids Voting Hawaii period October 22nd - November 6th.

During the Official Voting period, when students log on anywhere there is an Internet connection, they will input their personal Student Password, and their family's district and precinct numbers, and cast their votes on candidates and student issues. Once they click submit, their Student Password will immediately disintegrate in cyberspace, and their votes will be counted and stored. Kids Voting Hawaii statewide results will be released at 6 PM on General Election night.

Student 'reporters' will be at the State Capitol with the results, and the statewide tally will be displayed HERE!

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