Chow chimes in on Wonder Blunder

HONOLULU – Warriors head coach Norm Chow lent a voice of support for the University of Hawaii administrators who are currently dealing with the aftermath of the failed Stevie Wonder concert during his weekly Mountain West teleconference Tuesday.

Said Chow "There was a contract for a Stevie Wonder concert that turned out to be a little bit of a scam. It's put some of our leaders in positions I don't think they deserve to be in.  So there's a lot of it that's unsettled here."

Chow was answering a general question asked by Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post as to how conditions were at UH in Chow's first year as head coach.

Chow went on to assert "if we can continue to keep these people in place we do have leadership, great leadership, people with vision that want to get us somewhere.  So it's been a process."