Charges Filed, Fatal Crash & Banana Boat Recall

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Murder suspect, Jacob Le remains in police custody...a day after he turned himself in. Our Tim Sakahara brings us new developments on the 26-year-old suspect arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

We have the latest on yet another deadly car crash on the notorious Kaukonahua Road in Waialua. Police say one of the drivers involved may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Plus... instead of preventing sun burns, a popular sunscreen is causing users to get burned by fire. The important recall -- tonight at 5.

A long-time Hawaii doctor files a lawsuit against his former employer -- one of Hawaii's biggest hospitals.

And -- Bruno's big night! Is the musician with Hawaii ties nervous about his big gig on Saturday Night Live tomorrow? We'll hear from him at 5:30.

Hope you join Shawn Ching and me tonight at 5 & 5:30!