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2 boys assaulted and terrorized on Army base

Robert Robinson Robert Robinson
Khalil Peters Khalil Peters
Monica Mitchell Monica Mitchell
Khalilah Peters Khalilah Peters

Two boys say they were kidnapped, stripped naked, burned and beaten all on military property at Schofield Barracks in Wahiawa.  Their families say they're living in fear while the attackers run free.

Khalil Peters and Robert Robinson say Saturday they were picked up by a group of kids they knew from previous occasions.  They were taken to a home on base to watch movies Saturday afternoon.  Instead they were attacked and threatened with a machete, stripped and assaulted.

Robert Robinson, 14, was kneed and punched in the face so bad his jaw was shattered and needed more than 4 hours of surgery.

"The front was fractured. The left side is pretty much broken up. He has plates in them. He cannot talk. He's on a liquid diet for six to eight weeks," said Monica Mitchell, Robert's Mom.

Khalil Peters, 12, says he had his head forced into a bucket of ice water and nearly drowned.  And both boys were burned with salt and ice.

"I'm scared, I'm just scared, and they're still out there they can still come on post, still can bother me if they wanted to and nobody has done anything about it so yes I'm scared," said Khalil Peters. "I want to be able to go outside and live the life I was living before this actually happened."

They know who did it saying it was a 19 year old young woman and 16 year old boy that live off base and a 14 year old boy who lives on base. They contacted military police and the Honolulu Police Department but say the attackers haven't even been questioned.

"These people are walking around free while my child, my children and I are living in fear. We live on Schofield base where it happened," said Mitchell. "I just really want justice and to know that they are not going to do this again at all."

"They almost killed my son. I don't want the next child to actually lose their life for something that could have been avoided by the same people I don't want that for another mother. My son lived but it hurts me every day to know what he went through, to know the terror that he felt," said Khalilah Peters, Khalil's Mom.

The fathers of both boys are enlisted in the Army. Khalil Peter's dad is training in Texas. Robert Robinson's dad is deployed in Afghanistan.

"You're trying to protect from far away from home but you can't because you're protecting your country but at the same time he's now apologizing to my son because he wasn't there to protect him from this," said Mitchell.

"The Army is actively looking into this incident and working with HPD to ascertain the facts. We're also looking into allegations that it was reported to MPs," said Dennis Drake, U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, Public Affairs Director. "The Army takes all allegations and incidents of hazing, bullying and assault extremely seriously, whether on or off our installations."

Drake also said that even if a perpetrator lives on base, the victims live on base and the crime happened on base it is still the Honolulu Police Department's jurisdiction if it involves family members and not the enlisted soldier.

The Honolulu Police Department, which is the lead investigator, has opened kidnapping, assault and terroristic threatening cases and is still gathering information.

"I think my son was tortured. I feel like he was treated like less than a human. There was no regard for his life or for the pain he was subjected or the feelings he was feeling inside," said Khalilah Peters. "I want the people that did this to be held accountable."

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