Local Connection: MRC Greenwood's future

Local Connection: MRC Greenwood's future

By: Rick Blangiardi

Much has been said and written about the performance of University of Hawaii President M.R.C. Greenwood in the past few months since it was discovered that UH lost $200,000 on a bogus Stevie Wonder concert.

Fact-finders reports place blame in just about every direction, from the managers who run the Athletic department and the Stan Sheriff Center to the attorneys and administrators who were supposed to dot the i's and cross the t's.

Ultimately, President Greenwood is at the top of the food chain and anyone looking for a scapegoat, as some legislators and regents are trying to do now, would find greenwood an easy target.

And they would be wrong.

President Greenwood certainly shares ultimate responsibility but what good leaders do is put people in charge and allow them to run things effectively that didn't happen in the "Wonder Blunder" scandal and Greenwood got to the bottom of the mess, even if it made her look like she was not on top of all the details.

But she shouldn't have been in on all the details with all she has to do with running 10 campuses and trying to raise the profile of the University of Hawaii system.

Dismissing Greenwood now with nearly two years left on her contract is sure to bring legal backlash and even more taxpayer costs but that should not be the main concern about whether she should stay or go.

Based on her track record, she still has much to bring to the University system and there is nothing that has occurred so far that would warrant her dismissal....

Let Greenwood finish what she started and let's move on.

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