Local Connection: The Race is On

Local Connection: The Race is On

By: Rick Blangiardi

The first presidential debate is in the books and it was a good one for Mitt Romney, for the first time, gov. Romney clearly laid out his priorities on jobs, spending and cutting taxes.

He portrayed himself as a leader and the equivalent of President Obama on matters of national importance. For the GOP, this was an excellent sign that Romney might make this a contest after all. The president, while more laid back than expected, also made some excellent points and he still is the president, leading in most polls in key states.

New employment numbers also favor the president's plan for getting the economy moving as the national unemployment rate dropped below 8% for the first time in nearly four years.

No matter which candidate you support, it's an excellent sign that some 114,000 new jobs were added in September. Hawaii's unemployment rate is also relatively low. One of the major reasons that Gov. Romney's performance is great news is that it is bound to get more people to go to the polls and vote for their favorite candidate.

The closer the two candidates are to each other in the public opinion polls, the greater the impetus to make sure that everyone votes and every vote counts.

Let's hope that our electorate gets involved in the political process, particularly here in hawaii where turnout is historically low.

The race is on!

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