HIFF: Seeking Asian Female

(HawaiiNewsNow) - When 60 year-old Steven, a Caucasian male looking for a young Chinese bride, roams dating websites to find yet another Chinese woman to fulfill his romantic quest, he finds 30-year-old Sandy. Sandy lives in China and quickly responds to Steven's emails. Before long, Steven visits Sandy in China and brings her back to the United States to get engaged. Sandy's life is suddenly flipped around as

she tries to adjust to a new country and its culture through her possible new husband, who she has only recently met. Sandy doesn't speak English and Steven doesn't speak Chinese. The two communicate through a language of their own- through gestures, presents,

physical affection and picking up on each other's moods. Obviously, this creates an unimaginable level of frustration and misunderstandings between the couple, which is how the Chinese American filmmaker, Debbie Lum, starts to mediate their relationship as their translator. As Debbie's involvement in the couple's relationship deepens, the trio creates a new dynamic relationship where each is dependent on the other. Seeking Asian Female analyzes the mentality behind the mysticism and notions of seeking an Asian woman and what this represents in American culture.

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