The Road to Sainthood: Mother Marianne's Miracles

Kate Mahoney
Kate Mahoney
Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's a miracle Kate Mahoney survived a catastrophic shutdown of three vital organs when she was 14.

Medicine can't explain it.

"I remember Sister Mary Lawrence coming in with this actually. A relic of Mother Marianne's."

January, 1993, her mom started praying to Mother Marianne.

Family, friends, and the sisters of Saint Francis in Utica, where Marianne once lived, did the same.

"There was this tremendous international prayer chain that everyone had gotten word that Mother Marianne was the person that my parents had devotion to."

By the middle of January, all of Kate's vital functions had returned.

"I think she was a guiding force in my recovery. She clearly is the personification of faith and medical expertise."

At the time, she had no idea how close she was to death.

"She came back and I said what happened. She said, oh that's a relic from Marianne and this case your recovery is a miracle."

Kate presented a relic to Pope Benedict when he beatified Mother Marianne. The Franciscan nun cleared the final hurdle to sainthood when a second miracle was attributed to her intervention.

"I've always believed in miracles. I just never thought I'd be one. Until I lived through."

Sharon Smith was written off by doctors in 2005, with extreme pancreatitis.

"Pancreatitis was so bad it had eaten up my intestines."

She was laid up at St. Joseph's, the hospital started by Mother Marianne in Syracuse.

A sister brought soil from Marianne's grave, pinned it to Sharon's hospital gown, and told her to pray.

Friends and sisters joined in.

Within months, she stunned the medical community, cured of the terminal illness.

"I'm happy to be of Mother Marianne and I'm very happy for the Franciscan sisters and I'm glad she took a little time to look at me when I was there."

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