Coast Guard rescues 3 survivors of burning boat

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) - A Coast Guard helicopter has rescued the three crew members of a fishing vessel that caught fire about 17 miles off the north Oregon coast.

Agency spokesman Shawn Eggert says the crew of the 35-foot Honolulu-based vessel Havana called for help early Friday, saying they were abandoning the ship. The unidentified men donned their survival suits and the helicopter found them in a life raft near the burning vessel.

The helicopter hoisted them aboard and took them to Astoria, Ore. Eggert says they were unhurt.

A Coast Guard motor lifeboat attached a beacon to the burning ship so it could be monitored. The vessel was reportedly carrying 900 gallons of diesel fuel.

The Coast Guard says the Havana's captain attended a safety drill course in Oregon last year. Eggert says that course covers topics like keeping survival suits readily accessible, donning them quickly and quick deployment of life rafts.

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