Adopt-A-School Day

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Our keiki need us! The current fiscal challenges facing our nation continue to have a significant impact on Hawaii. The slowdown in our economy impacts us through increases in taxes and fees, reductions in public services, cuts in jobs and wages, and of course Furlough Fridays. Our local schools are forced to make dramatic changes in their budgets, resulting in deferred maintenance, deficiency in teaching resources, and the loss of educators. The end result? We are depriving our keiki, our Future.

The Hawaii Jaycees, as a civic leadership organization feel the need to support our keiki through a community effort - the Adopt-A-School Day project. Adopt-A-School Day is a statewide grassroots effort to establish an annual day of awareness and service to our Hawaii schools, similar to Make A Difference Day. Last year, 119 schools were adopted and projects were run beautifying their campuses, implementing new school programs, offering career skills training, providing donations, and more.

The Fifth Annual Jaycees Adopt-A-School Day will take place on Sunday, October 14, 2012. The Jaycee chapters will continue to support schools in their areas, and most importantly, will be serving as a catalyst to expand the scope and outreach of the Adopt-A-School Day statewide on all islands.

Whether it's beautification of the grounds, donation of materials, an educational program for the keiki, or something new, Hawaii's schools are asking for your group's contribution. And "group" doesn't just mean clubs, organizations, or businesses. You can organize a group of friends or family too! For more information, contact Community Involvement Chair by e-mail.

Don't have a group to work with? Contact your local Jaycee chapter for more information on how you can participate in their Adopt-A-School Day project. To find the one nearest you, visit the Hawaii Jaycee's state website HERE!

Your donation to the effort will go a long way to making Adopt-A-School Day in Hawaii a success. For more information, contact Sponsorship Chair HERE!

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