OHA: Bob Lindsey

Bob Lindsey - Big Island
Bob Lindsey - Big Island
What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?

As Hawaiians we were once producers. We are now consumers in a Capitalistic Democracy surfing on an ocean of Debt; $13 trillion America; $13 billion Hawai'i. All are impacted by this Debt Crisis. Hawaiians are especially vulnerable. We have the lowest median income--$55,000 annual. The issue is Economic Sovereignty-survival.  Our needs in health, education, employment and, housing are significant.

As incumbent Trustee I'm working on the issue where it must be resolved--at community level. Mike Hodson from WOW Farms (DHHL Lessee) teaches a course Farming for the Working Class. Mike's business is growing tomatoes. He is also growing farmers; helping us become producers and entrepreneurs; producers growing food to sustain our families and entrepreneurs—agri-businessmen managing small economic engines. I support Mike 100000%. We need more Mike's to Ho'oulu Lahui. It's said "A Nation that cannot feed itself will perish." We will not allow that to happen. Imua.

Contact: boblindsey.net