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OHA: Johanna Amorin

Johanna Amorin - Maui Johanna Amorin - Maui

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?


The Hawaiian community falls prey to our challenging economy as felt by all of our communities in the state of Hawaii! A lack of REVENUE is portrayed as the major plight facing the Hawaiian Community today, funding all of OHA's programs, infrastructure, and development initiatives, especially for DHHL and Kaka'ako Makai. We are a nation of people who are connected to a diversity of cultures and OHA's legacy lands such as Waimea Valley and Wao Kele O Puna may not be enough to substantiate the need to our agency's beneficiaries. As a native of Hawaii, business owner of 3 start up companies since 1993, community volunteer for over 3 decades, former planning commissioner and chair for 5 years, I advocate my business and leadership strengths towards the welfare and common good for all the people of Hawaii Nei. I believe OHA's prosperity will have positive impacts to ALL the people in Hawaii; employment, services, supplies, etc. and I want to team with OHA to seek resolutions.
Please visit my website: johannaamorin.net
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