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OHA: Keali'i Makekau

Keali'i Makekau - Oahu Keali'i Makekau - Oahu

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?


"True Leadership" whether it's on issues such as cultural, environmental, educational, health, financial and Sovereignty itself the current decision making body at OHA has been a costly failure and been one sided for far too long. Hence the call for New blood has again been echoed if not confirmed by the electorate too keep the obligation of any elected official simple and true to the people's needs and expression via their vote on matters that effect them and the community.  Only till the people's trust is restored can we move forward in a manner that is consistent with the principles of equality and liberty. A great place to start is fixing OHA'S flawed election process to ensure the people get the best representation. Then revising all of OHA'S policies and conducting an audit of all assets and resources to assure sustainability and provide transparency of the trust. 
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