OHA: Dan Ahuna

Dan Ahuna - Kauai
Dan Ahuna - Kauai
What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?

The most important issue facing Hawaiians today is making sure that we as a people can project ourselves, our values, and our future generations into the 21st century.  With technology changing so fast, we have to make sure our keiki get the education and health guidance that they need to keep up with changes while remembering where they came from and who they are as Hawaiians.  

We need engaging, culture-based education and health programs that will make Hawaiian students want to learn everything they can about their history, traditions, and culture, while also learning to make right choices and pursuing knowledge that will make them successful in the modern world.  I am a Hawaiian, an athlete, a coach, and a teacher certified in teaching all kinds of different learners, and I am committed to making this happen using the resources of OHA. 

Website:  www.danahuna.com