OHA: Ke'eaumoku Kapu

Ke'eaumoku Kapu - Maui
Ke'eaumoku Kapu - Maui
What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?

"IDENTITY". In 1920 under the Hawaiian Homes commissions act the language native Hawaiian of 50% plus blood be required to acquire homes through the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands for a 99 year lease.

For the past 33 years Hawaiians have waited hoping for their Chance to receive a home but many died on the waiting list. Today 2012, over 40% of native Hawaiians have fallen under the required quantum that another generation is left behind which have always been a dividing factor for native hawaiians today. Solution! OHA request for ceded properties from the State of Hawaii to be developed for the beneficiaries of 49% less.

DHHL Lands 50% plus, DLNR Lands 49% lessor, hopefully by focusing on a full proof solution which all the general community as well as the OHA trustee's can support we can fulfill our vision tomorrow.

Contact: www.kapuoha.com
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