OHA: Keola Alalem Worthington

Keola Alalem Worthington - Kauai
Keola Alalem Worthington - Kauai
What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?
Thereʻs Rail, Iwi Kupuna, Culture Preservation, land, Ceded, Kaka`ako, homesteading, Public Land Development Corporation & more, clean water aquifers to the water's flow from Na Wai Eha to feed loi and statewide drought, from education pre to post, health—prenatal to kupuna and all sexes.
From Natural resources to environmental changes.
Employment to economy to the high cost of living; its survival in today's Hawaii.

Nevertheless, specific to OHA, as a future policy decision maker and trustee, I'd like to address the following:

Native Hawaiian Leadership, Trustee Accountability, Fiscal Accountability, Transparency

Solving it would first include winning this election.
Second, I would immediately propose to the OHA Board of Trustee the following:
•       Televise the board meetings;
•       Review the financial balance sheets with a notable accountant outside of OHA;
•       Engage with whoever it takes, to find the common ground…and plan
implementation for nation building, sovereignty models, etc. and meet with communities;
•       Meet with opponents and try to reason with them or at the very
least, agree to disagree, eyeball to eyeball.