OHA: Leland K. (Radar) Yadao

Leland K. (Radar) Yadao
Leland K. (Radar) Yadao
What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?
Division among Hawaiians regarding sovereignty is the elephant in the room. A lot needs to be discussed but this has not occurred because the state/agencies have been making decisions for Hawaiians without their consent.

Our brilliant Hawaiian leaders throughout the islands have differing opinions, approaches to self-determination and their own devoted advocates. Their levels of sophisticated civility and comprehension on these matters provide the foundation for agreeable solutions. I would start with ongoing forums, established with an agreed upon format by Hawaiian leaders.

The forums are the chance for leaders to discuss where they disagree to be able to work together for genuine self-determination and the best process to accomplish this.

Credibility and fairness is critical. Since proponents of federal recognition would also be included, a hold on legislation such as the Akaka bill would be essential. This process should not be denied and is sorely absent.