OHA: Jackie Burke

Jackie Burke - Kauai
Jackie Burke - Kauai
What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?

At the signing of the KU`E petition, we were 35,000 strong as Nationals of the Kingdom of Hawaii demonstrating our politically collective power. Colonization political forces have moved us away from unity, from our language, culture and most importantly land stewardship rights.

 My efforts are for  unification, to realize the power of the collective power of their voices.  Today it means voting as a collective power, and it means removing divisive policies, such as blood quantum requirements and American nationhood definitions. The most major of all unity policies is the reorganizing the voting process of OHA to have a primary and to have each island vote for their own representative by stopping this insane statewide election process for every island trustee seat.

 We need better leadership, we need an internal re-organization of OHA to be accountable using the State's Auditor Report and stop nepotism and strengthen within the management of OHA.