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OHA: Dain Pomaika'i Kane

Dain Pomaika'i Kane - Maui Dain Pomaika'i Kane - Maui

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?


Our biggest issue is realizing that the complexities of our modern society make it increasingly difficult for us as Hawaiians to achieve a desired goal of eventual self-determination.  The foundation of establishing a framework of governance effectively & successfully will be based on having leaders who understand the necessity of impartial conduct, disciplined factual information-gathering when engaging the intellect of our human resources, and open analyses to seek relevance with a deliberative process to achieve informed/sound decisions.  This would require the recognition & respect of diverse ideas, and the capacity to agree to disagree on impasse points while navigating collaboratively to reach a goal that ultimately betters the conditions of our beneficiaries. If elected, I will commit my knowledge, skills and experience to help fulfill OHA's mandates, and will consistently advocate for what is described above when conducting our peoples' work.
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