OHA: Ronson Sahut

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community today? And what would you do to solve it?

I feel that the biggest issue facing the Hawaiian community at this moment is surviving the current economy.  Many people are losing their jobs, their homes, and struggling just to make ends meet.  People are doing what they need to "stay afloat" and endure in this tough economic time.

I would accomplish this by investing in beneficiaries through educational scholarships and grants.  I think we should do all we can to support Native Hawaiians so that they can attend preschools and guide them through college or technical school.  Native Hawaiians are at the top of high school dropout rates but at the bottom of college graduation rates.  I believe that higher education can help remedy the high poverty rates and high incarceration rates. Having a college education opens a person's opportunities for more jobs. It would help Hawaiians to grow and better themselves so that can flourish in life.