Red Cross Heroes - Police Officers Marc Cobb-Adams and Christian Sahlen

(HawaiiNewsNow) - On September 11, 2011,Police Officers Marc Cobb-Adams and Christian Sahlen observed black smoke billowing from a high rise building on Ala Wai Boulevard. They immediately raced over, notified security and activated the building's fire alarm system.

Officer Cobb-Adams located the fire on the 7th floor and forced his way into the apartment.

"once I broke down the door it was kinda' like back draft when the flames came out.  Kinda scared me.  So once the door we saw a male inside.  He called out for help.  Went through the flames and then pulled him.  Pulled him from the apartment and then extracted him and walked him out."

Officer Sahlen arrived shortly after with a fire hose and the 2 of them battled the blaze until the Honolulu Fire Department arrived.

Officers Cobb-Adams and Sahlen maintain that they were just doing their jobs but let's not forget that they risked their lives to keep residents safe.

That's why they've been named the Red Cross of Hawaii's "In The Line of Duty" heroes.

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