Red Cross Heroes - Billy Newell

(HawaiiNewsNow) - On March 16, 2012,  Billy Newell, a security guard and navy base police officer was dining at Kauai's Pacific missile range facility.  That's when he noticed a female officer choking on a piece of steak.

"she was actually waving a napkin in front of her face trying to get my attention."

Billy quickly went to her aid and instructed bystanders to call 911 and started abdominal thrusts,  chest thrusts and back blows to clear the obstruction.  She eventually lost consciousness, and for a second there Billy thought he might lose her.

"oh I thought for sure we would.  I didn't lose hope or anything, but she started to turn purple during capillary refill and because when we did the head tilt and looked inside the airway you could see froth, and you couldn't see the obstruction, so you knew it was deep inside the airway, deep inside the neck."  

But Billy kept going. After 4 sets of CPR, he went back to the abdominal thrusts and was able to clear the obstruction.  The victim regained consciousness and thanks to Billy is doing just fine today.

This is why Billy is one of the Red Cross of Hawaii's life saving heroes.

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