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Movie Review: LOOPER

LOOPER is an exciting, smart, very creative science fiction thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
It's a time travel movie that stays true to its own logic right to the end.

 Voice over by Joe: "In the future time travel is outlawed, used only in secret by the largest criminal organizations. when they need someone gone and they wanna erase any sign of the target ever existing, they use specialized assassins like me, called loopers.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Joe, one of a group of young loopers in the year 2044.  These assassins work for criminals who send victims back to them from the year 2074.
Eventually, each assassin is ordered to close his own loop by killing himself, i.e., the person that he has  become in 2074.

And that's how Joe meets Bruce Willis, his future self sent back to 2044 to be eliminated. (Levitt's face was altered to that he'd look more like a young Bruce Willis.)

But the older Joe manages to escape from the younger Joe, leaving the younger man to face the wrath of his bosses and putting himself adrift in a world he last saw three decades ago. Eventually, the two men meet in a diner to sort things out.

Young Joe: "Do you already know what's going to happen? Have you done this already as me?"
Older Joe: "I don't wanna talk about time travel because if we start talkin' about it, then we're gonna be here all day talkin' about it, making diagrams with straws."

This is a fascinating scenario with complex characters facing difficult moral dilemmas.  And it's not just the two Joe's that catch our interest.
The always appealing Emily Blunt turns up as a mother whose son is the older Joe's target.

And Jeff Daniels is another bonus, appearing as the crusty crime boss who originally hired the younger Joe to be a looper.
Overall, LOOPER is as good as the sci fi genre gets. Writer-director Rian Johnson has catapulted himself into the first rank of Hollywood filmmakers.

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