Feds up readiness level in Marianas over weather

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) - Homeland Security officials are upping readiness levels in the Northern Mariana Islands because of a tropical disturbance and expectations of thunderstorms.

But officials say Guam will remain at a relatively normal state of readiness for now, even as its neighbors are on alert.

The disturbance is centered 750 miles southeast of Guam.

Guam Homeland Security Advisor Pedro Leon Guerrero says officials will quickly inform the public if the region needs to prepare for bad weather.

Joint Region Marianas has moved to Condition of Readiness 3, which means damaging winds could arrive within 48 hours and officials are recommending residents review their disaster plans, secure outdoor objects and replenish disaster kits.

The National Weather Service says the region can expect showers and thunderstorms this weekend.

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