Suspect re-arrested nearly two years after North Shore crash

Brittany Poole
Brittany Poole

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Nearly two years after a deadly North Shore crash, police Saturday arrested a suspect on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Brittany Poole, 24, is in custody at the main police station. Authorities say she was the driver in a suspected DUI crash in Pupukea in November 2010.

One of her passengers, 21-year-old Unique Murry, was killed in the crash.

An Oahu grand jury indicted Poole in August 2011 on charges of first-degree negligent homicide and driving without a license, but we're told authorities weren't able to find her until Saturday.

Murry's father was relieved to hear the news, but says he won't have full closure until she learns her punishment.

"I would feel better two years ago if she just stayed where she was and dealt with her issues, rather than running," Donald Murry said. "To me, that's just being a coward and she needs to go to jail for as long as they can put her in there for."

Poole was re-arrested for negligent homicide, driving without a license and several contempt warrants.

She's being held on $23,100 bail.

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