Sunday marks last chance to see Kaneohe Air Show

Sunday marks last chance to see Kaneohe Air Show

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) – Dips, dives and head-spinning turns. The Blue Angels are wowing crowds at this weekend's Kaneohe Air show.

You may have heard them roaring over Kaneohe this week, but that was just a preview of what the Navy's Blue Angels have in store for us this weekend.

Six of the Navy's F/A-18 Hornets stole the show on Saturday. The jets are the headliners of this weekend's jammed packed event held at the Kaneohe Marine base.

"I've jumped out of airplanes before but I've never actually seen them perform like this so it's pretty neat," said Brian Gregors, who brought his family to the event.

"The performers here train for so many days out of the year to be able to do what they do and they're professionals at their job, so they come out here, they perform, this is what they do, they maintain a safe aircraft for the air show," said 1st Lieutenant Diann Olson.

The airstrip was packed with people of all ages. Event Organizers say it's an event for the whole family to enjoy.

"A lot of different things going on here today," said Olson." "We have different static displays, different airplanes that are set up so the kids and the families can go inside and see what they are and what's inside of them."

"There's so much around here for little kids to do like all the jump houses and all that stuff so I really liked it and I enjoyed it," said Kyra Gregors.

Children we spoke to say the event is…

"…Lots of fun."

And the airplanes are…

"…Very blue, and yellow."

That child forgot to mention fast. As for what the atmosphere at the marine base was like on Saturday…

"It's a very secure environment, very family friendly, it's oriented just as much towards kids as to adults with airplanes doing crazy stuff so it's really secure and comfortable," said Gregors.

This weekend's air show is free and open to the public. Gates open at 9am Sunday. 

For drivers on the H-3, the freeway's lookout points between Kaneohe bay drive and Mokapu Saddle road are closed in both directions until 6pm Sunday.

Authorities are using the lookouts as staging areas to deter air show spectators from pulling over to watch the show.

For more information on the Kaneohe Bay Air Show, click the link below