Local Connection: Wind Farms

Local Connection: Wind Farms

By: Rick Blangiardi

Some of the opposition to wind farms on Lanai or Molokai has been a bit of a knee jerk reaction.

But other objections are quite serious, and need to be taken seriously by proponents of these projects.

At first, the idea of wind farms sounded like a perfect economic boost. No million-dollar homes - no intensive new demands on scarce water. Just a little technology on arid open land and a lot of money.

But the west Molokai association makes a credible argument that it's not that simple.

It fears dust and runoff from constructing the massive turbines.

A harbor would have to be created - or deepened - to ship the equipment in.

New roads would have to be built.

It is reasonable to ask proponents to address those concerns.

And we need more discussion of the cost instead of pursuing more small-grade power generation on homes and businesses.

With oil pushing 100 dollars a barrel, we need less heat and more light.

This matters - we need to get it right.

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