Local Connection: UH Support

By: Rick Blangiardi

Most of us agree that it's been agonizing to watch the university of Hawaii bounce from one controversy to another. And the new management at the school doesn't need me to tell them that every blunder makes it harder for them to speak to the legislature or the community at large about the importance of funding our state university.

But not even the Stevie wonder debacle changes the fact that UH is critical to Hawaii's prosperity and happiness.

Education drives innovation and creates the best-paying jobs, the ones that don't get automated or moved offshore.

Study after study has shown that when your kid gets a degree, she or he will earn more, have more job security, and will even be more likely to enjoy good health.

We need education to train our kids, to nurture our cultures, to solve our problems.

Even at the bottom of the recession, hundreds of jobs went unfilled in Hawaii for lack of qualified applicants.

The new management of UH knows it needs to do more to promote competence and transparency.

But the rest of us need to realize UH is the heart of our future and we need to support it.

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