Celebrating 100 years of Marine Corps Aviation with the Red Bull Air Force Team

Celebrating 100 years of Marine Corps Aviation with the Red Bull Air Force Team
Kirby Chambliss
Kirby Chambliss

MOKULEIA,OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You may ask, why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

"Sky diving in Hawaii," cheered Miles Daisher of the Red Bull Air Force team.

Well, today I'm hanging out with the Red Bull Air Force team, and that's just what they do every day.

You see, this team's cabin doesn't serve peanuts nor refreshments, but they do serve lots and lots of unforgettable thrills that they can't live without.

"It is a wonderful art, love, and life and I can't imagine doing anything else," said Sean MacCormac, Red Bull Air Force.

"You just want to do it more and more and more," said Daisher.

And today MacCormac and his crew said the forecast was perfect.

"The forecast today is raining 'Jen' and the Red Bull Air Force team," said MacCormac.

I strapped myself onto Sean MacCormac who has done nearly 18,000 jumps. With those stats, I trusted to go with him for my very first plunge.

You could hear the hum of the plane as we climbed to about 14,000 ft. above ground level. Before I could blink, we did not three.. or four... but seven dizzy flips straight from the open doors of the airplane.

There were a few screams and laughs as we descended at a belly to earth rate at about 110+ mph.

If that wasn't enough, the guys gave me an extra bonus with daredevils, Miles Daisher and Jon Devore, zipping by me at alarming rates in their wing suits while the crew and Clint Clawson took photos and video.  Clawson grew up in Hawaii and started his jumps in the Aloha state at a young age before joining the Red Bull Air Force team.

This is only a taste of what you'll see this weekend during the Kaneohe Bay Air Show.

"Hats off for those gentlemen for dialing us in and giving us those freedoms to enjoy what we are doing," said Daisher while sharing his appreciation to the military for serving.

Divers in wing suits will join forces with one of the team's most talented pilots, Kirby Chambliss, for a death-defying demonstration to celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight for the Marine Corps. Chambliss is a five time winner of the U.S. National Aerobatic Championship.

"Basically, if I can leave with people saying 'Wow, I've never seen an airplane do that before,' then I've done my job,"  said Chambliss.

Skydive Hawaii's Justin Hilkar will deploy a 1,200 square foot American flag banner to touch down on the last note of the National Anthem. It is a sight that is just as breathtaking as the views from the sky.

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