Maui mental exam ordered for Calif. tourist

Gerald Galaway
Gerald Galaway

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - A judge hasn't ruled on whether a California man who pleaded no contest to manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend during a Maui vacation can change his plea.

Prosecutors say the judge on Tuesday instead ordered a mental evaluation for Gerald Galaway, of Santa Cruz. He wants to change his plea, saying he felt pressure to accept a plea agreement to the reduced manslaughter charge in the death of Santa Cruz attorney Celestial Cassman.

The couple were vacationing last year when the attorney was killed. Galaway was originally charged with second-degree murder.

Galaway says he was under medication and was concerned about a financial burden of a trial on his family when he accepted the deal.

He's scheduled to return to court next week.

His attorney declined to comment.

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